March 21, 2011

The Good Shepherd Conferences are continuing!

On Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 1:30 pm, come to meet and hear Mrs. Suzanne Aubry, author of the historical saga, Fanette. Her conference is be part of Les Après-midi Bon-Pasteur and is entitled Les Sœurs du Bon-Pasteur : entre fiction et réalité [The Good Shepherd Sisters: between fiction and reality].

Fanette tells the story of a young Irish lass who arrived in Quebec City by ship in the mid-1800s at the time when the Good Shepherd Sisters were being founded. In preparing this book, Suzanne Aubry referred to many historical sources. A visit to the Good Shepherd Museum provided her with information on help given to women in difficulty in Quebec City during the 19th century. To what point did that visit influence the tone and outcome of her saga?
Les Après-midi Bon-Pasteur will continue in May with Mrs. Renée Hudon, author of À qui la petite fille? [Whose little girl?].

The conference will be held in French at the Good Shepherd Museum [Musée Bon-Pasteur], at 14, rue Couillard, in Old Quebec. Admission fee: $ 5.00.

For further information or reservations, contact Sister Claudette Ledet or Mrs. Natalie Perron at 418-694-0243.

Welcome to all!

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