1. In what year were the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec founded?

The ministry of  Marie-Josephte Fitzbach began in 1850, but the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec became a religious congregation only in 1856.

2. Where are the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec from?

As their name indicates, the Congregation was founded in the City of Quebec by a Quebec woman.

3. Where is your Mother House?

From 1850 until 1976, the Mother House was located at 1180 Lachevrotière Street and occupied a quadrilateral bounded by Lachevrotière, St-Amable, Scott (now de l’Amérique française) and Bon-Pasteur Streets. Following an expropriation in 1974 by the Quebec government, its personnel were relocated in other houses of the Congregation. The General Administration was moved to the Generalate in 1965.

4. How can we get to the Generalate?

Link with Google map

5. Is the Generalate on the Laval University campus?

No, but we are its close neighbour.

6. Who do I contact to do volunteer work?

Depending on the type of volunteer work you are interested in, we suggest you consult the section Useful contacts and links in order to communicate directly with the organization that corresponds best to your wish to get involved.

7. I would like to do humanitarian work. In what country could I go with the help of the Good Shepherd Sisters?

You can consult the section on Humanitarian Aid in order to learn about partnership possibilities with the Good Shepherd Sisters.

8. What kind of ministries are offered at the Maison Zoé-Blais?

The Maison Zoé-Blais is a day centre for single-parent, low income women or immigrants. It offers workshops and activities and also a thrift shop for food and clothing.

9. Who was Zoé Blais?

Zoé Blais was the second collaborator to join Marie-Josephte Fitzbach in 1850. The Maison Zoé-Blais was given her name in recognition of her assistance to women and her talents as a seamstress.

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